Nat Wei

Writer, mentor, legislator

The world is changing and full of challenges, but in the midst of turmoil, there is hope. My passion is to nurture future servant leaders able to work together to transform society in all kinds of communities.

Whether in the public sphere through applied policy, or through fostering more purposeful business, or in unlocking space for more fulfilled life together — I am excited about telling stories that inspire, mentoring the next generation, and exploring how we can share power more peacefully.

Having worked formerly in consulting and in the social sector, I entered politics unexpectedly by becoming a member of the House of Lords in 2010. Since then, I have moved into engaging with migrants living in the UK, fostering international trade, training future social innovators, working with cities and civic leaders and helping them connect with each other globally.

Alongside this, I'm interested in making a difference in a range of different sectors.

I have a young family and am committed to supporting my community in the creative and social hubs of London and beyond.

As with many other young (and older) peers I have a number of external commercial advisory and non-executive roles which help me to fund my living, office, and social venturing costs through my social firm, Shoreditch Ventures. I'm an avid tennis player, lover of books, and like to start new things.

Following reports on life transitions in the 21st Century and on how to connect cities like Manchester to East Asia, I am focusing in the coming years on a number of books to help those who want to transform society and understand what is happening in today's changing world.