Lord Wei of Shoreditch is one of the most senior and longest-serving politicians of East Asian origin in Europe. He started out as a McKinsey & Company consultant specialising in technology, before shifting into venture capital, social enterprise, and more recently policy development.

Currently serving as a Conservative Life Peer in the House of Lords, Lord Wei was a former Government Advisor in the Cabinet Office until 2011. His professional interests include leadership and entrepreneurship, real estate, healthcare transformation, technology investment, social innovation, and the role of enterprise in development, both in the UK and globally.

As a former international strategy consultant and executive with venture capital experience, Lord Wei has co-founded a succession of successful businesses and non-profits. He is a technology expert, social innovator and adviser to foundations, family offices and institutions on how to make a scalable impact, particularly on harnessing the potential of future generations. He co-founded the Shaftesbury Partnership, and Teach First (an initiative that changed how the UK recruits teaching staff), and founded Future Leaders, Maker Life and other social initiatives.

Lord Wei was a former adviser at Absolute Return For Kids, and a former member of the House of Lords EU Internal Affairs Committee. He ​was ​a​ fellow of the Young Foundation, and a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader. Previously, Lord Wei advised Her Majesty’s Government on social policy, working with Prime Minister David Cameron. Over the last decade or more Lord Wei has established a number of initiatives to promote peaceful East-West trade and relations and support successful migration to the UK from Hong Kong.

Lord Wei holds a number of board and advisory positions straddling real estate, technology investment, education and wealth management. His real estate interests include advising in commercial real estate refurbishment and development, including projects making better use of empty land and buildings, such as through the Bristol Housing Festival launched in October 2018.

Currently, Lord Wei sits on the advisory boards of a number of companies, ranging from tech, to property and investment. He is a Member of the Advisory Board of Future Planet Capital (an investment platform), and an Advisory Committee member of the Global Parliament of Mayors and is a member of the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee.

Determined to make an even more significant impact in his community, country, and the rest of the world, Lord Wei continues to be involved in different fields, particularly technology, to be a catalyst of influential positive impact.

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