Science and Technology Superpower

The report rightly highlights areas where the UK must improve to achieve its ambition of becoming a science and technology superpower, whether you define that in terms of the amount of innovation generated, the number of patents, ideas or even Nobel prizes, the value of ideas commercialised or simply our influence. The report highlights the areas that are key to success: increasing R&D funding; forging closer ties between academia and industry and between different parts of government, industry and academia; changing the way visas are charged for; and supporting start-ups to scale up. But without action, “science and technology superpower” remains merely a slogan. The Government must turn pledges into progress if the UK is to strengthen its position as a global leader in innovation. However, even if we succeed in these areas, the UK faces structural challenges in the size of its domestic market, in access to capital markets for innovation in the City, in talent, in commercialisation expertise and in other resources, which ...
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5 radical ideas to balance the UK budget

With our new PM in place the focus shifts from supercharging growth to finding short to medium term savings to balance the books. In truth as we have found dramatically ...

Tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth

My Lords, what else is there to say after so many heartfelt, excellent and eloquent tributes both in this Chamber and beyond? Our late Queen upon her passing, as ever ...

To build a more agile Britain, our leaders need to help us buy back better

The leadership contest we have just witnessed was like the political equivalent of Squid Game but without the bathos. The battle lines were relatively clear and on a 2 by ...

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