Setting the record straight on my work on East-West relations

The following statement is in response to allegations relating to my past work on UK-China relations. In short, it accuses me of having met with Chinese people and organisations, which being from a Chinese background, I am likely to do and have done, some of which may have had links with the United Front and the Chinese government - which is quite likely to happen if you meet people with an official status from mainland China. My interest has always been to foster peace and build bridges between East and West, and in no way to endorse the CCP through such meetings, though with increasing persecution and clampdowns in China and then the global pandemic my work in this domain effectively ceased about five years ago. After that my focus became that of supporting migrants and the East Asian community in the HK, including those arriving as BNO passport holders from Hong Kong where my own family is from - at great risk I might ...
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Will Sunak or Truss finally stop a Conservative government tabling unconservative legislation?

True Conservatives believe in our ancient rights to be free: free to spend money and to put it to use how we see fit, free to take control over our ...

Schools Bill

My Lords, in moving Amendment 64B I shall also speak to other amendments in my name. I declare an interest, as I have before, that I am from a home-educating ...

Schools Bill

My Lords, I shall speak to my Amendment 171X on the proposal for an ombudsman to provide protection for home educators. I support many other amendments in the group. I ...

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