Tribute to the late Queen Elizabeth

My Lords, what else is there to say after so many heartfelt, excellent and eloquent tributes both in this Chamber and beyond? Our late Queen upon her passing, as ever in life, brings out the best in us, inspiring us to be our better selves and to fulfil our duty, despite the turbulence around us. Her departing has stopped time as we mark the end of an era, and united the world as leaders around it pay their respects whether friend or foe. We will never see anyone like her again, and we will miss her desperately.  Many have remarked at how important her faith was in all she did. As a follower of Jesus myself, I would go further and say she was a steadfast believer. Not just because she would go to services, or indeed because she was the Head of our established church, but because she genuinely believed in Christ - in the promise of eternal life for those who put their ...
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To build a more agile Britain, our leaders need to help us buy back better

The leadership contest we have just witnessed was like the political equivalent of Squid Game but without the bathos. The battle lines were relatively clear and on a 2 by ...

Setting the record straight on my work on East-West relations

The following statement is in response to allegations relating to my past work on UK-China relations. In short, it accuses me of having met with Chinese people and organisations, which ...

Will Sunak or Truss finally stop a Conservative government tabling unconservative legislation?

True Conservatives believe in our ancient rights to be free: free to spend money and to put it to use how we see fit, free to take control over our ...

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