conservativehome: Ministers need to prepare now for the next sudden crisis – and trust people more as they do so

"Readers of my blog and ConHome will know that I have been a big advocate for using the crisis that is upon us to build a more resilient Britain – given that there will be many twists and turns both with the virus, and the many other shocks ahead as the climactic, geopolitical, and online environment convulses in the years ahead." Read the article [conservativehome.com]
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EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement

"My Lords, I too congratulate my noble friend Lord Wharton of Yarm on an excellent maiden and declare my interests in the register. In view of the time, I will ...

BBC Radio 4: A Place Called Home: Lord Wei in Milton Keynes

The youngest person in the House of Lords when he was given a peerage at the age of 33, Lord Wei meets Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester where he grew ...

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