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Decoding Pareto: How Agent-Based Technology Can Unveil New Perspectives and Solutions on Issues such as Inequality

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 6 February 2024 /

In a world grappling with escalating multiple complex challenges, understanding their dynamics and seeking effective remedies in a more granular way is more crucial than ever if we ever want to see systemic change and improvement to peoples’ lives. Take an issue such inequality for example, which politicians, theorists, and activists have debated, at times…

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The Fujitsu Scandal: A Lesson in Lazy Procurement, Unaccountable Power, and Inexpert Design for the Age of AI

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 13 January 2024 /

In a modern world where technology increasingly intertwines with every aspect of business and governance, the Fujitsu scandal serves as a stark reminder of the pitfalls of a flawed procurement process especially in large organisations, a culture in of unaccountable power Whitehall and beyond, and the lack of adequate expertise in managing complex digital systems…

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5 radical ideas to balance the UK budget

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 6 November 2022 /

With our new PM in place the focus shifts from supercharging growth to finding short to medium term savings to balance the books. In truth as we have found dramatically already, the one measure is needed to enable the other:  the interest cost of our debt has reduced because the markets have confidence that the…

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To build a more agile Britain, our leaders need to help us buy back better

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 4 September 2022 /

The leadership contest we have just witnessed was like the political equivalent of Squid Game but without the bathos. The battle lines were relatively clear and on a 2 by 2 chess board with the degree to which you are fiscally conservative mapped out on the one hand (from being a high spend/high borrowing candidate…

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Setting the record straight on my work on East-West relations

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 31 July 2022 /

The following statement is in response to allegations relating to my past work on UK-China relations. In short, it accuses me of having met with Chinese people and organisations, which being from a Chinese background, I am likely to do and have done, some of which may have had links with the United Front and…

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Let’s figure out together how to stop lockdowns from happening again in future

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 15 March 2021 /

As the nation starts to look ahead to the future cautiously, it is time to take stock and reflect on what just happened and to ensure it doesn’t happen again, or if it does, to minimise the impact on our freedoms, economy, and health from having to lockdown in future.  If we are really honest,…

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We need a post-covid Marshall Plan (continued, part 2)

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 1 November 2020 /

So here we are again, and it seems not much has really changed since my first post in June 2020. Two strategies are being pursued or championed for how we deal with Covid-19 and its impact on us as a country. The first is to keep locking down partially or fully periodically until we find…

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We need a new Marshall plan for the post-covid age

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 24 June 2020 /

I grew up in Milton Keynes in a tough estate where the slums were relocated from East London in the last century. Whilst I cannot with honesty say the town has developed the kind of urban cultural gritty feel of my beloved Shoreditch, it is certainly a place where the kind of innovation we associate…

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A Place Called Home

By natwei_lngozg / 15 August 2017 /

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Envisage: Changing the way that Britain transitions into later life

By natwei_lngozg / 4 April 2017 /

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