I have three areas of focus in my public work: social reform, diasporas, and future cities.

Social reform

As a long-time social entrepreneur with a love of starting things up, I became very interested in the Victorian social reformers such as the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury and before that the Quakers who went on to build so many of our great British firms and funded abolition and many social reforms in years past. My desire is to help foster a revival of social reform activity in my lifetime, harnessing the skills and resources that business people and entrepreneurs can bring.


As the only current ethnic active Chinese-origin peer in the Lords and senior European East Asian politician I feel a particular duty to support East Asians as a community and the efforts of those seeking to foster better relations between countries such as China and Europe, in particular the UK. At a time when the eyes of the world are looking East, there is huge potential for East Asians and Diaspora from other backgrounds generally to help promote peace, prosperity, and poverty alleviation.

Future cities

As Lord Wei of Shoreditch, it is clear to me that cities represent a future economic driver not just in metropolises such as London, but in other smaller, fast-growing ones in the UK and around the world. I’m fascinated by the potential that exists to create jobs, social impact, and cultural understanding if we can network cities together using good technology, dialogue, and design. Such cities are founded and have been founded by great, creative, and entrepreneurially spirited civic leaders. A renaissance of such leadership today could help bring about renewal as power shifts to both a global and local and not just national level.

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