I have three areas of focus in my public work: social reform, integration, and the future of governance.

Social reform

As a long-time social entrepreneur with a love of starting things up, I became very interested in the Victorian social reformers such as the 7th Earl of Shaftesbury and before that the Quakers who went on to build so many of our great British firms and funded abolition and many social reforms in years past. My desire is to help foster a revival of social reform and societal restoration activity in my lifetime, equipping people with the tools, support, and platforms they need to bring about system change, understand what works, and shape a better future.


As the son of a migrant who has benefited hugely from being in the UK, I am committed to supporting all those who have settled here and to finding ways for those of us who have received so much to give back. Whether through understanding what works in integration, to finding novel ways to connect people from different ethnic backgrounds, to enabling a true understanding of diversity that goes beyond just skin colour whilst celebrating and honouring the role of the white working classes - I want to see a more connected Britain that harnesses all our talents.

Future governance

The dramatic impact of the financial crisis of 2008, Brexit, covid, and changing global geopolitics has brought us into a new era that challenges our post-war settlement. I am interested in what it looks like to have different forms of governance that help people at all levels of decision-making make better decisions harnessing technology, ancient wisdom, and input from all those involved. Whether in supporting the growth of city-level governance, or using online, hybrid, and virtual participatory methods, or in harnessing new approaches such as teal - it is clear we need to evolve how we lead together.

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