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conservativehome: Ministers need to prepare now for the next sudden crisis – and trust people more as they do so

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 12 January 2021 /

“Readers of my blog and ConHome will know that I have been a big advocate for using the crisis that is upon us to build a more resilient Britain – given that there will be many twists and turns both with the virus, and the many other shocks ahead as the climactic, geopolitical, and online…

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BBC Radio 4: A Place Called Home: Lord Wei in Milton Keynes

By natwei_lngozg / 17 November 2020 /

The youngest person in the House of Lords when he was given a peerage at the age of 33, Lord Wei meets Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester where he grew up in Milton Keynes. Listen [BBC Radio 4]

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Telegraph: Lord Wei calls for national service for baby boomers

By natwei_lngozg / 25 February 2020 /

Baby boomers should be encouraged to complete “national service” for pensioners after they retire, according to David Cameron’s former Big Society tsar. Read the article []

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conservativehome: Like Peel versus the Corn Laws, the Conservative Party must use Brexit to slash the cost of living

By natwei_lngozg / 6 August 2018 /

Over the last decade, Conservatives in government have focussed significant efforts on two priority areas. The first has been putting power in people’s hands – through referenda, by handing back power to cities and elected Mayors, and through Brexit. We’ve also most recently – and quite rightly – put a lot of energy into addressing…

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