In the media Why Britain needs a sovereign wealth fund now more than ever

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 19 September 2021 /

The recent furore over National Insurance and social care has once again brought into focus the lack of resilience of our public finances. Putting aside the large National Debt we have and the deficit, or the vast amount of QE driving up asset prices everywhere, we seem to be endlessly stuck in a loop whereby…

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conservativehome: Ministers need to prepare now for the next sudden crisis – and trust people more as they do so

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 12 January 2021 /

“Readers of my blog and ConHome will know that I have been a big advocate for using the crisis that is upon us to build a more resilient Britain – given that there will be many twists and turns both with the virus, and the many other shocks ahead as the climactic, geopolitical, and online…

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BBC Radio 4: A Place Called Home: Lord Wei in Milton Keynes

By natwei_lngozg / 17 November 2020 /

The youngest person in the House of Lords when he was given a peerage at the age of 33, Lord Wei meets Alice Thomson and Rachel Sylvester where he grew up in Milton Keynes. Listen [BBC Radio 4]

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conservativehome: Like Peel versus the Corn Laws, the Conservative Party must use Brexit to slash the cost of living

By natwei_lngozg / 6 August 2018 /

Over the last decade, Conservatives in government have focussed significant efforts on two priority areas. The first has been putting power in people’s hands – through referenda, by handing back power to cities and elected Mayors, and through Brexit. We’ve also most recently – and quite rightly – put a lot of energy into addressing…

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Telegraph: Lord Wei calls for national service for baby boomers

By Lord Wei of Shoreditch / 30 June 2012 /

Baby boomers should be encouraged to complete “national service” for pensioners after they retire, according to David Cameron’s former Big Society tsar. Read the article []

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