Chinese New Year Downing Street Reception

By natwei_lngozg on 14 February 2013
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On Tuesday 12th February, Lord Wei attended a reception at 10 Downing Street to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Prominent community and business leaders from the Chinese community attended. Prime Minister David Cameron recognised Britain’s ‘highly successful’ Chinese community and celebrated UK-China relations. In the Prime Minister’s speech, he recognised that “There’s a very deep and rich relationship between Britain and China” and affirmed that “I’m very committed to expanding the British/China relationship. I see huge opportunities for that expansion to take place.” He also paid tribute to “the immense contribution that the Chinese population plays right here in Britain. It’s a small population, but it’s a population that is hugely successful, having all of the most important values: a belief in hard work, a belief in family, a belief in community, a belief in enterprise.”  ]]>