Lord Wei attends WEF Young Global Leaders Summit in Myanmar

By natwei_lngozg on 17 June 2013
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Myanmar Lord Wei took part in the WEF Young Global Leaders Summit in Myanmar in June 2013 along with 300 young global leaders from over 70 countries from across the world. The meeting gave opportunities to explore the current social, political and economic situation of Myanmar, a country which is rebuilding after 40 years of military rule. Participants met with representatives of the Government, local civil society organisations and individuals and had a chance to listen to the local perspective on the recent changes and reforms. The Myanmar President, U Thein Sein addressed the delegates and a highlight was a meeting with Aung San Suu Kyi, a national hero who was under home arrest for 22 years fighting for reconciliation and ultimately a free Myanmar. It is only since 2012 that the first tourists visited Myanmar. The country is under construction, the first civil society organisations are being currently established, the markets start to develop, Myanmar is proud to have its first ATM installed recently. The Young Global announced that a programme that tackles child malnutrition will expand into South-East Asia, starting with Myanmar. Table For Two (TFT) is a Japan-based non-profit initiative created by YGLs in 2007. It confronts the contrasting epidemics of obesity and hunger by encouraging people in the developed world to eat healthily while paying for children’s school meals in developing economies.]]>